Edo Castle 1603

Dougal woke up in Edo Castle dungeon with a sore head and the sour taste of sushi in his mouth.

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“What the hell?”

“Quiet!” shouted a guard.

Kintaro strode in. “What’s this new weapon?” he demanded.

“I can’t understand what you’re saying,” croaked Dougal.

Kintaro’s sister Hiina stepped forward and said slowly, “You were firing missiles from a ship. What is it?”

“What? You mean hitting golf balls?”

“Yes, what is golf?”

“It’s a game.” Dougal went on to explain how it is played.

Kintaro was intrigued. “Show me!”

“But I don’t have my clubs,” pleaded Dougal.

“Make some!” ordered Kintaro and arranged for Edo’s best sword smith to assist Dougal.

Day and night they worked on forging golf clubs.

After a week, Dougal stepped outside the castle, the sun stinging his eyes.

He placed a white ball made of hemp paste and baked leather on the grass, slowly pulled back a glistening golf club, and thwaaakkk!!! smashed the ball across the castle moat.

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Incredible! thought Kintaro. “Teach me!”

Kintaro was hooked. He practised golf every day, extracting as much information as he could from Dougal.

His masterly sword technique morphed into a magnificent golf swing.

They built a golf course around the castle grounds. Water hazards and rockery were used to great effect.

But Kintaro wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to play on a real course!

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