Ito, Izu Peninsula, 1603

The two spies, disguised as sushi chefs, and Kintaro’s sister Hiina crossed the bridged into Ito where Admiral Mukai was building Japan’s first Western sailship together with William Adams, English pilot of the Dutch ship Liefde, and the skeletal remains of his Dutch crew.

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Pulling a cart of tuna, the spies passed through the market and were confronted with a horrible concoction of smells, sounds and fashion.

“Phewww! These foreign devils stink.”

“Hiina, what are they saying?”

Hiina had picked up the foreign tongue while selling obento lunch boxes to the foreign sailors.

“They are talking of something called golf.”

Down at the harbour they saw a man on the deck of a Dutch ship, swinging a stick, firing missiles into a distant house.

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“Let’s take a look where the missiles are landing.”

A big house stood at the end of the town surrounded by a high wall.

They peered over and saw a manicured lawn with a flag sticking out of a hole.

“Here comes another missile!”

Thuddd! A ball landed near the hole.

“We’d better tell our boss Kintaro about this new deadly accurate weapon!”

“Wait! We need proof. Let’s capture the barbarian firing the missiles and take him back to the castle.”

From Hiina they learned that this foreign devil liked sushi.

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They made a plan that night to drug his maguro, sneak him out of the town and lock him in the castle dungeon where Kintaro could interrogate him.

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