At the Royal Golf Course, all of Amsterdam’s nobility gathered to watch Maurice of Nassau play Kintaro.

Maurice had beed waiting impatiently for the delivery of his new clubs based on Harold’s design.

“Charlotte!” he bellowed, “if they don’t arrive soon you’ll be scrubbing floors for the rest of your life!”

“Lord, they are coming now.” A courier raced to the first tee with a bag of shiny clubs.

Kintaro who was waiting nearby was intrigued to see they looked identical to Harold’s clubs. “Mmm,” he thought, “Maurice must be left-handed.”

“Let’s play!” announced Lord Maurice. He placed the ball on the grass, took a club out of the bag, and looked confused. “What the hell is this!” he roared.

He called Charlotte over, “My dear, these clubs are left-handed. I don’t know where you got the designs from, but this will not do! Get my old clubs, I’ll deal with you later.”

After a long wait, the game got underway.

Kintaro was hitting the ball magnificently, playing with a single mind as if he were swinging a sword.

Maurice played like a dog, still furious at Charlotte.

With only a few holes to go, Kintaro held a solid lead. Maurice looked desponded as Charlotte approached, desperate to get back in his good books. “Lord, I have a magic potion that will focus your mind.”

“It had better work, or I’ll have you burnt at the stake!”

–> Chapter 13